Privacy Policy

Predicube puts privacy at the core of its business, where we consider privacy in every aspect of our system design and use. Below you can find details on how we aim to be as privacy-friendly as we can. Any suggestions, remarks, or wanted data removal can be asked via

Last update: 27/4/2016

Data stored and used

Through our partnerships with premium publishers (such as Pebble Media and Mediahuis Connect), their web browsing and ad click data is obtained and analyzed. Other data that the publisher has obtained from the user, such as socio-demographics (eg through registering for a newsletter or online subscription) or user agent data are also included. Only browsing data on the premium sites that we are affiliated with are logged (and only if cookies are enabled, cf. infra). So no logging of adult content sites, etc. Each website should have a clear cookie policy stating that this data is being used for better targeting on the publishers' sites. Note that the publishers that we work with will change throughout time. These raw logs are processed and used for targeted advertising. At no point do we give the raw logs at any third party, unless required to by law or asked to by the data owner. Only aggregated information (such as: what is the distribution of age of visitors of a certain page) is provided to third parties.

Note that the publishers we work with likely also provide data to other third parties, and use the data for internal use.


Data is only stored from persons that have cookies enabled: if there is no cookie, it will not be analysed. If you do not allow cookies (Do Not Track), your data is not included. Furthermore, we encrypt all cookie data. No IP address is being stored (except when it is part of the cookie ID, then it is stored implicitly in an encrypted form).

Duration of data storage

Data is only stored for 60 days, with efforts being made to keep this at 30 days. On top of that cookies expire, and users delete their cookies sometimes. We do no fingerprinting or cookie matching: once a cookie is deleted, we consider the user as forgotten. As such, the right to be forgotten is included automatically in our system. In case someone wishes to still remove its logs from our system, but does not wish to delete its cookies, he or she can send its cookie ID to Predicube will then remove all data on this cookie ID in a timely fashion. Noe that only data of the last 60 days can be removed, as older data is removed automatically.

To allow the user to 'profile the profiler', we elaborate on what we do, which data we use, and how we use that data in an interview online on 'Q&A with Sunny the Web Surfer', as well on an animation video:

Amazon Web Services

We make use of Amazon Web Services for the storage and analysis of our data. We use only European regions, and data is not transferred outside this region, as guaranteed by AWS:

Amazon writes: 'The AWS cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. AWS's world-class, highly secure data centers utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centers are staffed 24x7 by trained security guards, and access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis. The AWS virtual infrastructure has been designed to provide optimum availability while ensuring complete customer privacy and segregation.' More details of their security and compliance features can be found here:

Concerning the recent EU Directive on data protection, Amazon reports that: 'The Article 29 Working Party has approved the AWS Data Processing Agreement which includes the Model Clauses. The Article 29 Working Party has found that the AWS Data Processing Agreement meets the requirements of the Directive with respect to Model Clauses.'

Note that AWS has become a standard in the domain of data processing, and is being used by companies as Netflix, NASDAQ and NASA (GPL).